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Booking Table Tennis Table
Booking Table Tennis Table INR 150 INR 100 Table Tennis is easy to play. It benefits development of different muscle groups. You can play TT to your own capabilities and limitations and still have a good game. Playing improves hand-eye coordination and it stimulates mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy. TT can be played all year round, day or night – it is a non-seasonal game True 1447314420
Weekend-Professionals- Learning INR 200 INR 100 Shaping our professional career is a continuous endeavour. Join us to get help from the professionals to shape up you qualification and skills to ensure smooth transformation of your career to the next level. Keep Shaping ... True 1447317481
Weekend outing for Kids
Weekend outing for Kids INR 300 INR 250 Almost every parent face this every month Our services would have following solutions - Single parent would find easy to go in group - We would pick up & drop from home - Try to keep similar age group kids together - Parents can have good time interacting each other True 1447315565
Movie CDs & DVDs + Books for Kids + Toys for Kids
Movie CDs & DVDs + Books for Kids + Toys for Kids INR 50 INR 50 Engaging kids out of TV or suitably with TV is a challenge we all face as parents. Lets come together to share / help each other by contributing books, CDs, DVDs, toys and other community based outdoor activity with parents / guardians volunteering for the activity/ events True 1447316118
Weekend- Professionals- Outdoors
Weekend- Professionals- Outdoors INR 300 INR 200 Here is life beyond TV, movie & restaurant. Once you are in job we all professional compulsorily miss outdoor activity. Good news is its back. Lets do cycling, swimming, cricket, football, badminton, volleyball & table tennis at the weekend ... True 1447316597
Weekend-Professional- Social Work
Weekend-Professional- Social Work INR 50 INR 50 Hey ! Join us if you are keen to spare couple of hours on weekend to do some social good. Fun & satisfaction with a lot of spreading happiness guaranteed. True 1447316808
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